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The Celtic Cross tarot spread is one of the most wellknown of all spreads. However, many find it a difficult spread to navigate, due to the amount of cards within it.

In this workshop, I will guide you through the ten positions of the Celtic Cross, providing you with tips and tricks for breaking the spread down into managable chunks, making interpretation easier. I will help you to find useful relationships between positions and even personalise the spread to suit your needs.


I first presented this workshop in 2017 at the U.K. Tarot Conference and then for the Biddy Tarot Community in 2018. I have not presented it again, until now. This is my own version of the spread and the one I have used for 90% of my professional readings.


In this package, you will receive:


☀️ A 25 page PDF guide


☀️ Links to an hour of private video tutorials with an overview of the spread and three example readings, broken down into 4 videos.


☀️ A cheat-sheet handout with handy prompts for each position in the spread 


A Fresh Look at The Celtic Cross Spread E-book and Video Workshop

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