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The one thing I have learned is that it is never too late to turn your life around.


There was a time when I was unsure of what my next step would be. My one true belief, at that point, was that I had made it onto the scrap-heap of life and had nothing to look forward to. I was unemployed and unhappy, heading towards 40 without any hope of a better life. 


Making changes, especially when we have lost faith in the future, takes dedication and 

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fortitude. I eventually took some time to reflect on those things that truly brought me joy and worth but also consider those aspects of life that were holding me back.


Creativity has always been a big part of who I am, though my life during those years was anything but creative. I realised that I needed to become reconnected to my artistic side and make changes to a personal lifestyle that had become unhealthy and unforgiving.

My life did not change instantly. It took time and perseverance. I found great benefit from taking a step back and looking at myself from a different perspective, eventually focusing on those things that I was good at and pursuing  a few of my creative ideas. After I had turned 40, I started to work with young people, helping them to create their own self-reflective art pieces. Guiding both children and young adults to find their own voice through art was therapeutic, enlightening, and healing, not only for them, but for me as well. I felt as though I had finally found a path worth treading. 


The more I did, the more I attracted


In 2014 I began to design a pack of tarot cards. The deck, Spirit Within Tarot, was eventually published by Schiffer books in 2016, followed by my debut book, Tarot: Your Personal Guide (published a year later by Quarto). Writing has been one of my life-long passions and I was beginning to experience a life that I could never have imagined some years before. I was proud of what I had achieved and was inspired to continue using my individuality and creativity though my work.


In the following years I was approached to write two further books: The Oracle Creator (published by Liminal 11) and Divination: Your Personal Guide. I also created Rainbow Kipper (a collaboration with Toni Savory) and The Inner-Eye Oracle (both published by Red Feather). In 2023,  Gothic Oracle was published by U.S. Games: in this set, I wrote the book to accompany paintings by the prolific fantasy artist, Anne Stokes.


I enjoy helping others to find their own unique path.


Over the last ten years, I have had a hand in the transformation of hundreds, if not thousands, of peoples lives, whether through published work or in person. I have presented card reading techniques at The U.K. Tarot Conference (in 2016 and 2023), at The Tarot Association of British Isles Conference (in 2017 and 2022), at The London Tarot Festival (in 2018) and for both The World Divination Association and Biddy Tarot Community. It has been a pleasure to share my ideas and help readers of all levels to discover new methods of card reading. In 2018, I launched The Esotoracle with my friend and fellow author, Kim Arnold, a magazine dedicated to all kinds of divination. It was an honour to highlight some of the best names in cartomancy but to also help springboard the careers of new writers and artists within its pages.


It’s about helping you to find your voice.


My work continues to centre around empowering and liberating people. Through this site, I offer a variety of different ways of doing this. Some of the topics I have shared in live presentations over the years have been recreated as workshops, using art, cards, and journaling to help inspire people to build a better future or deal with aspects of their own life that need attention. As well as being both healing and inspirational, every session is intended to be fun. Some of my clients simply need a space to be themself and to let off steam. Private sessions, as well as workshops and courses, have been created to help these people express who they truly are.

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