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Many people come for a reading because they want direct, punchy, and accurate advice.  With the method of card reading taught in this workshop, the tarot is capable of doing exactly that.

This method of teaching has received extremely positive feedback since it was first introduced at the Tarot of the British Isles conference in 2017 and, more recently, at The UK Tarot Conference in London in October 2023. The author, Liz Dean, said about this presentation: “Steven is a warm, insightful and highly knowledgeable teacher. With that rare knack of making complex topics easy to understand, Steven will help you grow in confidence as a reader, deepen your tarot wisdom - and thoroughly enjoy the journey!”.


This far, the presentation has not been made available to purchase until now. In this package, you will receive:


☀️ A 12 page PDF guide


☀️ Links to an hour of private video tutorials with directions and examples of how to read the cards in this method, broken into 4 different video  presentations.


☀️ Printable cheat sheets to work with as you learn the method



Tarot Reading: A Fresh Approach E-Book and Video Workshop

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