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I have been helping people to live a more magical life and take charge of their destiny for over twenty years. I am an author and mentor, who has guided many thousands of clients towards greater self-understanding, helped build their confidence, and widen their perspective through the use of my intuition and spiritual tools.

"Steven is a warm, insightful and highly knowledgeable teacher. With that rare knack of making complex topics easy to understand, Steven will help you grow in confidence as a cartomancer, deepen your card reading wisdom - and thoroughly enjoy the journey!"



My first book, Tarot: Your Personal Guide, was published in 2019. Along with Divination: Your Personal Guide, they have both been printed in French. I have written a selection of other books since that time and have created three divination decks: Spirit Within Tarot, Rainbow Kipper and Inner Eye Oracle.

If you would like to receive updates about new products, workshops, works-in-progress or receive some daily wisdom from the oracles, you can find me on social media. I am a keen Instagrammer and love to share my thoughts and feelings with my followers!

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