How can a set of pretty pictures help anyone to move forward in their life? I once asked myself the same question. The answer was surprisingly simple.

The Tarot, like other divination systems, acts as a mirror. Within the images, we might glimpse our past, our present, and sometimes our future, reflected back at us. Our hopes, fears, and everything that rests in-between, are there to be found. A good reader will help you to make sense of the images you have drawn, using them for contemplation, inspiration, direction, and above all, action!

The Tarot is a map of life, allowing all of us to look forward with awareness. Are you ready to plan the next steps of your journey with the help of the cards?

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There are many ways in which you and I can connect. 

have read for hundreds of people, in-person and online. The internet has allowed for people all over the world to receive a reading from me and most of my sessions are given over Skype, Messenger, Zoom, or Instagram Video call. There is no difference between an in-person session and one conducted online, except that the latter allows you to receive guidance from the comfort of your own home.

If you are a reader or would like to become one, I also conduct mentoring sessions online. These range from 'absolute beginners' to seasoned readers who might want tips around specific reading methods or spreads. All mentoring sessions can be tailored to the clients needs, though I do have some staples for your tarot tool-kit. Mentoring is not limited to Tarot. I am a keen oracle reader and have used the Lenormand system for nearly twenty years.

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If you would like to follow my work, get to know me, and receive frequent updates about what I am doing, you can find me on Instagram.

I am a 'visual person' so Instagram suits me well. I share divination tips, the odd card reading, and those things I love. It is also on Instagram that I will share the new books and decks I have created, as well as showing those divination tools created by others that I enjoy working with too.

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