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Spirit Within Tarot

Tradition and contemporary art meet within this stylish Tarot set, bringing simplicity to your personal story. The spirits within the shadows of your life are dancing through this symbolic collection of 78 mesmerizing Tarot Cards.

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Tarot: Your Personal Guide

Whether an absolute beginner or advanced practitioner, Tarot: Your Personal Guide covers everything needed to interpret the foretelling cards, all by tarot teacher, expert, and professional reader Steven Bright.

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Rainbow Kipper

The modern setting blends with traditional situational cards and creates a foundation for a twenty-first century predictive read: fortune-telling with ease. Explore your day-to-day environment with the Rainbow Kipper and never be confused regarding what events will occur.


The Oracle Creator: A Modern Guide to Creating an Oracle or Tarot Deck

People have always been intrigued by the unseen hand of fate. In The Oracle Creator: The Modern Guide to Creating a Tarot or Oracle Deck, Steven Bright examines the benefits of building an oracle deck, plus practical tips for turning the deck in your head into a reality!


Divination: Your Personal Guide

Learn the basics of how to read secret signs and symbols to provide insight, inspiration, and direction about the future.This accessible and beautifully designed guide includes a frameable poster of various methods of divination.