The tarot cards are not only useful for readings. They can be effective for mind-mapping and creating the future you wish for! With the help of tarot author and creator, Steven Bright, you can learn how to use all 78 cards of the tarot to create positive affirmations for romance, work and your general wellbeing.

This 26 page e-guide explains the reasons why affirmations can be helpful and how they work. It contains:


3 affirmations attuned to each of the 78 cards of the tarot deck, 234 affirmations in total.


Guided examples, with illustrations, to help you create taroffirmations in combination for your romantic life, career and other important life areas. 


This package also contains the link to a 25 minute online video tutorial (not available to the public), with instructions and examples of how the working tarot reader can create practical taroffirmations for their tarot business.

Taroffirmations e-Guide & video tutorial