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Taking Tarot Personally

A few days ago, someone commented on my social media account, asking me about the best way to learn the meanings of tarot cards. I believe that personalizing the cards and infusing them with our own experiences is a powerful method for understanding them.

Take The Fool, for example. This card symbolises impulsive choices, taking chances, and making a leap of faith, trusting that the universe will support you.

At the end of the '90s, I was working in an office in North London. I wasn't great at the job, I admit, but it paid the rent for my one-bedroom flat and allowed me to enjoy weekends out with friends.

After a few years, we were all informed that we were being made redundant. Each of us was given two options: relocate with the company or take redundancy. Almost immediately, those opting not to stay began job hunting.

I started signing up with agencies and attending interviews too. After several appointments, one agent called me in to discuss my recent performance. A prospective employer had called her to point out my apparent lack of interest during an interview. The agent told me that she would no longer send me for interviews and advised me to go downstairs, find a coffee shop, and take some time to think about what I truly wanted to do.

Normally, I would have been taken aback by such feedback, but instead, I took her advice. I found a place in Liverpool Street, ordered a cappucino, and reflected on my skills and passions. I wondered if it was too late to pursue an art course I had abandoned years earlier.

In the end, I chose redundancy, gave up my London flat, and moved back home. I prepared a portfolio and secured an interview at an art and design college near my parents' house. I got accepted and had one of the most enjoyable years of my life, graduating with distinction a year or so later. Eventually, I returned to London to study fashion design.

Whenever I think of The Fool, I remember this period of my life. Leaving my flat, friends, and a steady income was a significant risk, but it paid off in the long run. That decision, which felt spirited, exciting, and freeing, embodies the essence of The Fool card. When I pull the card now, I draw on how I felt on that day, making a leap that would change all aspects of my life. The card regularly asks me 'What will be your next adventure?'

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